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Re: Why do type 6s come before type 7s?

> you have the rules in your brain, and therefore you can feel what's 
> right and wrong. unless you don't give names and rules to what you 
> feel, you cannot teach the language to someone else, you can only 
> repeat it and make the other one repeat. this is the natural way of 
> teaching, and of course it is beautiful and all. the only problem 
> here is that i am interested in the rules. i want to know them by 
> name, as to speak. you don't. that's all.

How are you at algebra?
For naming, simply use mathematical variables x, y, z, etc.
MO didn't give us a name to refer to all that stuff in front of the object.  We 
tend to use the mathematical variable "header".
If you want to know what it's called when you put -Daq on a noun and put it in 
the header area, refer to it as X.

When I started klingon I didn't know what all this linguistic stuff means.  
What the heck was a diminutive?  I didn't learn that in school.  I looked at 
the examples and figured out the concept they were refering to.  I still didn't 
learn the word "diminutive".  I stored the overall concept that I saw in the 
examples into a variable; instead of X, I used the variable -Hom.

What name does my mind think of when I think about putting -Daq on a noun?  I 
call it -Daq.

I don't now what this little gismo is called inside of the carburator, but I 
have rebuilt a few engines; I'll assign that part the variable name "thingy".

What's the procedure called when we put a new tube of ink into a pen?  It must 
have a name so I can understand how to put it in there.  We can't call 
it "refill" because that name can mean many things.

DloraH, BG

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