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Re: tlhIngan Hol lujatlhbogh puq'e'

>jatlh tulwI'
>>  the same goes for "header". there is no "header" in tkd but you all
>"all"? I wouldn't go that far...
>>  use this word, because you saw the _ovs-structure_, and you saw that
>>  there is a _sentence_, and that often there is something that is
>>  part-of-sentence but not part of the ovs-structure, and you called
>>  that "header". that's a good motivation, i think. we need names.
>the point is that everybody here realizes - by going through or
>reading discussions such as this - that terms like "header" are
>terms that are used on this mailing list, because they have found
>to be useful.
>If my memory serves me well, there was quite a heated discussion
>when SuStel first introduced the list to his idea of "headers"...
>and at the time he already was recognized as one of the most
>skilled Klingonists on this list.

i understand.

>  > why do we need to wait for an authority before we come to a consent?
>this looks like a pretty naive question, after what you've already
>seen of the folks around here... some people are content to
>disagree with you and some aren't - almost like real life :)

i understand.

>not everybody feels the need to find a consent, especially when
>it comes to helping someone to "understand"; in the end,
>understanding is reached by each individual in an individual
>way - you cannot improve much there by any consent.

i thought this were the ideo of science and school, to find a 
consent, in order to break it to the pupils and to be able to 
communicate from sciencist to sciencist (or teacher to teacher). hm.

>  > the sence of all this is to have the ability to talk about klingon
>>  grammar. what for? in order to ask and answer questions about klingon
>>  grammar. what for? in order to learn klingon. if you have already
>>  learned klingon, then it's not your problem, possibly, but i'm still
>>  learning it, and others are learning it, too. and maybe they can
>>  learn klingon more easily when they have names for the little
>>  differences in the klingon grammar, that they have to distinguish,
>>  but that they don't have names for yet.
>the problem is, that the next person probably doesn't care
>much for the explanation that you found most useful and will
>go off on her own quest to find better names...

but that is no problem, as long as no one attempts to rewrite tkd 
every time that someone has an idea how to change the description of 
correctly spoken klingon. i could invent my explanations, you could 
invent yours. someone else, who knows already klingon and wants to 
explain it to someone else could read the explanations of you and me 
and according to the explanation that he likes the best he explains 
it to his student.
there is no problem, only progress, imho.


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