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Re: Why do type 6s come before type 7s?

>  > the tkd terminology says "you can't say this, because you can't." or
>>  "you can't say this because 7 is greater than 6." that's no
>>  explanation. i would like to have an explanation that explains
>>  instead of saying "correct" and "incorrect". i want to understand the
>>  grammar, not just immitate it.
>Here is an example in English, my native language, that closely 
>parallels the Klingon rules for suffix ordering.  Modify the noun 
>"shoes" with the following words:
>two blue my ballet little favourite
>Most English speakers will produce:
>my two favourite little blue ballet shoes
>Now, why did you put the words in that order?

a tkd-explanation would be that "my" is a type-a word, "two" is a 
type-b word and so on.

>What's wrong with "favourite ballet two my blue little shoes"?

a tkd-explanation would be: the words must be in the order "abcdefg".

>Most native English speakers don't even know.  It just sounds 
>stupid.  People who have learned English as a second language know 
>some rules, where modifiers are grouped into different classes, 
>possessive, number, type, colour, and some adjectives have separate 
>rules.  Doesn't that sound like Klingon?

yes. (btw, i don't like the english (and german) grammar terms very much, too.)

>I suspect that Klingon native speakers would be astonished if you 
>told them that they had nine types of verb suffix and that there was 
>a specific order.  The Klingons just put -chu' after -moH because it 
>"sounds stupid" the other way.

i don't want to explain klingon grammar to a klingon...

>Does that help?  The rules and number are a way to describe 
>correctly spoken Klingon, not a recipe that native Klingon speakers 

the scope of tkd is to describe correctly spoken klingon. and i want 
to have descriptions of correctly spoken english. the fact is, that i 
don't like these descriptions. you do, ok. it's good that we 
compared. :)



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