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Re: KBLC: Locatives

matlh mIStaq wrote:
> >> For example if I wanted to say "in a cave in the ground" would it be
> >> {yavDaq DISDaq}, the other way around, or something different.

>What you have is correct.
>    juHDaq quSDaq jIba'
>    I'm sitting in a chair, in a house.
>I wasn't using this in a way that noun1 was modifying noun2.  I was using it
>like apposition.
>Instead of:     [yavDaq DIS]Daq Ha'DIbaH tu'lu'
>I was thinking:  yavDaq, DISDaq Ha'DIbaH tu'lu'
>or maybe:        yavDaq [DISDaq Ha'DIbaH tu'lu']

It's not exactly apposition since {yavDaq} is not another name for 
{DISDaq}, but rather a further location:  i.e. the cave (which is) in the 
ground (as opposed to the cave [which is] in the mountain).

Here are examples of true apposition in the location header from canon:

   naDev juHlIjDaq cha'logh jISopneSchugh vaj jIquv.
   It would be an honor to eat twice here at your house, your Honor. PK

N.B. {naDev} = {juHlIjDaq} (the same place).  It's unlikely that the Terran 
was referring to a specific place in the Klingon's house (i.e. it's an 
honor to eat in this room, but not in that room).

   juHqo' Qo'noSvo' loghDaq lengtaHvIS tlhInganpu'
   During the (aggressive) expansion of the Klingon people from their
    homeworld of Kronos into space... SP1

N.B. {juHqo'} = {Qo'noS} (the same place).

We also have an example of noun1 modifying noun2 "possessively" in the 
location header:

   reH latlh qabDaq qul tuj law' Hoch tuj puS.
   The fire is always hotter on someone else's face. PK

And just for the sake of completeness, we also have an example of a 
compound location header:

   poSDaq nIHDaq je QamtaHvIS SuvwI'pu', chaH jojDaq yItnIS lopwI'
   The initiate must pass through a gauntlet of warriors. S9

Literally: "While warriors stand on the left and on the right, the 
celebrant must walk in the area between them."

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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