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Re: KBLC: Locatives

From: "DloraH" <>
> > If I wanted to have one locative modify another how would I
> > accomplish this?
> > For example if I wanted to say "in a cave in the ground" would it be
> > {yavDaq DISDaq}, the other way around, or something different. Satlho'.
> What you have is correct.
> juHDaq quSDaq jIba'
> I'm sitting in a chair, in a house.

What he was asked about was one locative modifying another.  They can't.
TKD p. 31 says you can't do this (you can't have a Type 5 noun suffix on the
first noun of a noun-noun construction).

/juHDaq quSDaq jIba'/ is correct because these nouns are in the "header" of
the sentence, not because they modify each other (which they don't).

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