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RE: Aw: Re: adverbials

lab DloraH:

>  > SovchoHlu''a'? Sabojlaw' 'ej reH vIQumlaHbe', pab'e' wIjatlhtaHvIS.
>>  is it? it seems to me as if i bore you and that i always fail to find
>>  the right words to communicate with you all, when we talk about
>>  grammar.
>It's not boring; it's just that being from different parts of this world we
>each use different labels for concepts that are not labeled in TKD.
>Some people don't care what something is called; they just want to use it.
>The only labels we're sure of are the one's in TKD; for most people those
>are sufficient.  There are a lot of labels in TKD.  Each suffix type has a
>DloraH, BG

ok, so this is a tkd-list. one could say that i tried to run without 
having learned to walk. i don't know the tkd-terminology by heart, so 
i wanted to find a new one. maybe it would be easier just to study 
tkd with you all. :)

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