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Re: Aw: Re: Aw: Re: Aw: RE: adverbials

lab HomDoq:

>jatlh tulwI':
>>  >  > err... no!!! i can't believe it!
>>  >  >
>vIjang, vIjatlh:
>>  >tough
>mujang tulwI', ghel:
>>  what means "tough"?
>ghu'vam Dellu'chugh,
><<Do'Ha'>> Dalo'laH
>"tough" DamughmoH.

toH. DaH vISuv. qatlho'.

>  > >this is like saying "a tool can be used as a saw, but only a few"
>  > >you're giving a rule which isn't true for the bigger part of the
>>  >set you're trying to apply it to.
>>  hm. but the rule is correct, isn't it?
>chaq loQ lugh :=), 'ach lo'laHqu'be'chu'.

hm. a bit. at least.

>  > i thought you expert klingons can see that immediately. :)
>po'wI' jIHbe' 'ej ghe'naQDaq vIDabe' je...

what does it mean not to live in an opera?

i don't know. it seems to me as if there is always a better, more 
correct and stuff explanation for what i would like to interpret in 
the klingon grammar. i had many difficulty in reading tkd (in 
german), and now i would like to revenge inventing simplier rules. {;)


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