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Re: Re:

From: "Stephan Schneider" <>
> lab jIqel a.k.a. Lt. Cdr. Sarah Barrows:
> >ngeQDI' wa', bejmeH QItchoH Hoch.  <Qo'!> DujwIjDaq vIjach.
> can we use "QIt" as a verb?


> >vaj jIloS.  'ej jIloS.  nI' poH jIloStaH.  tagha' mavIHqa'.
> don't we have to say /poH nI' jIloStaH/?

Actually, you have to say /qaStaHvIS poH nI' jIloStaH/.  We have no evidence
that durations can stand on their own as noun phrases, though we do have
evidence that they are expressed as subordinate clauses.

Stardate 2622.9

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