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multiple N-ns5 in the "header area"

patvam chup DloraH (Sat, 27 Jul 2002 ; Subject: RE: adverbials):

>wa'Hu' Qe'Daq nom yaS qIp HoD
>"Yesterday in the restaurant the captain quickly hit the officer."
>|- - - h e a d e r   a r e a - - -| |- - b o d y   a r e a - -|
>|                                 | |                         |
>time-stamp | locative | adverbial | | object | verb | subject |
>           |          |           | |        |      |         |
>  wa'Hu'      Qe'Daq       nom         yaS     qIp     HoD
>  (noun)      (noun)   (adverbial)    (noun)  (verb)  (noun)

"header area"Daq mojaq Segh vagh qengtaHbogh DIpmey law''e' lulo'la'?

mublaw' cha' DIpmeyvam:

   naDevvo' vaS'a'Daq majaHlaH'a'?
   [Can we get to the Great Hall from here? PK]

   juHqo' Qo'noSvo' loghDaq lengtaHvIS tlhInganpu'
   [During the (aggresive) expansion of the Klingon people
   from their homeworld of Kronos into space... SP1]

mub'a' je mu'tlheghvam?

wa'Hu' Qe'Daq yajHa'ghachmo' tlhoS yaSvaD nay' muj nob jabwI'.
[Yesterday in the restaurant, due to misunderstanding, the waiter almost 
gave the officer the wrong dish.]

[Is there a limit on how many nouns with type 5 suffixes can occur in the 
"header area"?]


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