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Re: Dragon's

BitKnight asks:
> > i hav to make the word "dragonship"!
> > so, ship is easy, but dragon!

>I always use /lung'a'/.
>KGT-  lung - a lizardlike creature.
>and I add the -'a' suffix.

Okrand on the loong {lung}:

   Although {lung} is translated as "lizard", it actually can refer
   to any animal of that general shape, such as a newt or salamander.
   (KCD audio)

   A specific plan or stratagem usually has a code name ({per yuD}
   [literally, "dishonest label"]) coined especially for the occasion
   and not necessarily used again. A {per yuD} is sometimes the name
   of an animal, sometimes the name of a Klingon historical figure,
   and it usually ends in {Qu'} ("mission, task"). Code names are the
   equivalent of Federation locutions such as Operation Cougar and are
   therefore often translated in that pattern: {targh Qu'} (Operation
   Targ), {lung Qu'} (Operation Dragon; a {lung} is not really a dragon,
   but that is a close approximation), {'aqtu' Qu'} (Operation Aktuh).
   (KGT p.48f)

Following the model of {lung Qu'}, if a "dragonship" is a type of ship - 
based on its shape? - I think just {lungDuj} sounds nice and parallels 
other two-syllable Klingon ship types: {HIvDuj} attack fighter, {may'Duj} 
battle cruiser, {qughDuj} cruiser, {SuyDuj} merchant ship, {toDDuj} rescue 
ship, {tongDuj} freighter, {toQDuj} Bird-of-Prey, {tlharghDuj} scout ship, 
{veQDuj} garbage scow, {veSDuj} warship, etc.

[BTW, I'm told that *lung* is Chinese for "dragon", making {lung} another 
of Okrand's little jokes.]

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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