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re: Klingon Dictionary

Okrand has two verions, the original, with the blue cover, and the current
one with a white cover, which is the same content as the original but with
an addendum at the end.
I have never seen nor heard of any other Klingon Dictionary published.
Do you remember enough to give a description?
Cover picture?

DloraH, BG

The cover mearly said "Klingon Dictionary" or a similar text
It may have been gray, but that's iffy
and it was a Border's Bookstore, I beleave.  And about six months ago, they had a Klingon Dictionary listed as out-of-print that was priced at much more than Okrand's $12 one.  And it was hard-bound, not soft.


nuqDaq yuch Dapol?

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