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At 10:33 AM 8/5/2002 +1000, SIqar wrote:
>I've got a poster of cartman (from southpark) that says
>    "you will respect my authoritahh"
>Would this translation be correct?
>{ ngupwIj pevuvchoHtaH }
>you will start to and continue to respect my authority

I'll let the BG correct/explain what you have here. However, some food for 
thought on this phrase: at the qep'a' this past week, I heard someone 
translate this phrase as:
{woQwayj yIvuv}
The -wayj part is -wIj, except pronounced differently (to resemble the 
pronunciation of "authoritahh")
Obviously, there isn't only one exact way to translate the phrase; there 
are different nuances that I'm sure the BG will mention.

- taD

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