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RE: Wales-vo' jIcheghpu'

>What is /-la'/
>  I can't find that suffix  (did you mean /-law'/)

there was recently a posting on this toppic.

in order to avoid */laHlu'/ or */lu'laH/ (which wouldn't work, as 
both /laH/ and /lu'/ are type 5 suffixes), in klingon slang there are 
/la'/ and /luH/, which aren't standard klingon and we shouldn't use 
them until we are very familiar with the klingon language.

i have read that a workaround could be this one:

*/vIleghlaHlu'/ -> /muleghlaH vay'/ (someone can see me)

and maybe, this one could be possible:

*/vIleghlu'laH/ -> /chaq vIleghlu'/ (maybe one sees me.)

hm, you could exaggerate:

-> /chaq mulegh vay'/ (maybe someone sees me.)

i hope this is right.


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