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Re: -lu' and -be', small aside on Paul Simon

lab SuStel:

>  > so /Sovbe'lu'/ means "one doesn't know him.
>>  and /Sovlu'be'/ means "it's not true that someone knows him"
>I don't really see any semantic difference between these two.

maybe you're right.
... it turns out the same way. there's no difference. yes, you're right.

>  > but i don't know whether /-be'/ can negate the whole word and not
>>  only the element that it follows.
>We've seen some evidence that /-be'/ can negate things other than just the
>immediately preceding element.  One of the prime examples is /batlh
>bIHeghbe'/ "You will die without honor" (Power Klingon).

i remember, yes.


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