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Re: Translation request- KLBC

>> mangHom!  SeymoHbogh De'vam'e' 'ej/qoj Dajbogh 'ej/qoj ghojmoHbogh pelaD.
>> Without visiting the sites I don't know which is more appropriate, /'ej/
>> or /qoj/. 

> I looked up 'ej and qoj.    I see they mean 'and'  &    and/or.
> I suppose {je} could not be used because it only joins nouns, correct?
> If there is a way of saying 'also' or 'as well as' ?  That would work as
> I believe that is more what 'and' means in the case of these English
> sentences.
> some of these fun as well as exciting sites.   (or) 
> some of these exciting also interesting also educational sites

OK, so we'll drop the qoj.
You are right that je is for joining nouns.  But when je follows a verb it 
means "also".  

SeymoHbogh De'vam'e' 'ej Dajbogh je 'ej ghojmoHbogh je pelaD.
"Read this data which is exciting and also interesting and also educational."

DloraH, BG

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