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Re: what sounds weird

From: "Andrew Strader" <>
SuStel, altho I think I see the point you are trying to make, one
inconsistency jars my intuition and prevents me from seeing it clearly. If I
may transpose two of your paragraphs...

>Remember, what sounds weird in Finnish has no bearing on what sounds weird
>in Klingon.

Of course. (I personally didn't see much parallel between Finnish and
tlhIngan Hol in this regard either.)

>I can legitimately say, "SuStel goes to the Great Hall," but I can't say,
>"SuStel go to the Great Hall."  The latter is wrong, it's baby-talk, spoken
>by those who haven't yet figured out how to use pronouns and verb
>conjugations.  But if my name COULD be used as a first-person subject, I
>COULD say "SuStel go to the Great Hall."  I can't, so it isn't.

Here it was clear that you were making a point about tlhIngan Hol, and not
English. (Correct?)

But I would hasten to add: What sounds weird in English has no bearing on
what sounds weird in tlhIngan Hol. If you want to assert that X sounds weird
in tlhIngan Hol, you must approach it from an entirely different angle,
preferably from within the domain of tlhIngan Hol.

My first line was in response to someone's comment of the "that makes sense
because Finnish works that way" variety.  He didn't say "Ah, Finnish works
that way too, I understand that," he seemed to be saying that BECAUSE
Finnish could do something, a claim that Klingon could do it too was

My second paragraph is an illustration.  The example in English does not
prove that the Klingon is valid, it simply demonstrates the same principle
in English.  I already made my point about the Klingon, then I added a
further illustration in English to try to make it clearer.  I do NOT claim
that the English example validates what I said about the Klingon.  Notice I
never say "And because of this English example, what I said about the
Klingon is necessarily true."

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