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what sounds weird

SuStel, altho I think I see the point you are trying to make, one 
inconsistency jars my intuition and prevents me from seeing it clearly. If I 
may transpose two of your paragraphs...

>Remember, what sounds weird in Finnish has no bearing on what sounds weird
>in Klingon.

Of course. (I personally didn't see much parallel between Finnish and 
tlhIngan Hol in this regard either.)

>I can legitimately say, "SuStel goes to the Great Hall," but I can't say,
>"SuStel go to the Great Hall."  The latter is wrong, it's baby-talk, spoken
>by those who haven't yet figured out how to use pronouns and verb
>conjugations.  But if my name COULD be used as a first-person subject, I
>COULD say "SuStel go to the Great Hall."  I can't, so it isn't.

Here it was clear that you were making a point about tlhIngan Hol, and not 
English. (Correct?)

But I would hasten to add: What sounds weird in English has no bearing on 
what sounds weird in tlhIngan Hol. If you want to assert that X sounds weird 
in tlhIngan Hol, you must approach it from an entirely different angle, 
preferably from within the domain of tlhIngan Hol.

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