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Re: jabbI'IDwIj Qav

From: "Sangqar (Sean Healy)" <>
> >toy'wI' nIv DaSuqnISlaw'.
> >Sounds like you need a new server.
> Is this the common term for 'server' on this list, the way {jabbI'ID} has
> come to be used for email?  It doesn't seem to fit.  (Although I won't
> with list convention if it has become the usual translation.)

Feel free to challenge any "list conventions" you may find.  We're supposed
to be studying Klingon, not making up our own.  Inevitably we'll be
influencing our own usage, but like an anthropologist studying another
culture, we must always endeavor to identify our own biases and
preconceptions.  Do not accept "list conventions" as such.

In this case, there has been no real "convention" for the translation of the
word "server," relating to computers.  What the original sentence really
means is "Sounds like you need a better servant."  ("You apparently need to
acquire a superior servant.")

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