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RE: jabbI'IDwIj Qav

> > DaH tlhoy jabbI'IDmey vIHev. 'e' chawbe' jabbI'IDmey HevwI'wIj.
> > I am now receiving too many messages, and my server isn't letting
> > them through anymore.
>toy'wI' nIv DaSuqnISlaw'.
>Sounds like you need a new server.

Is this the common term for 'server' on this list, the way {jabbI'ID} has 
come to be used for email?  It doesn't seem to fit.  (Although I won't argue 
with list convention if it has become the usual translation.)  A server is 
called that because it serves files (the way food is served - the program 
getting the files is even called a client, as opposed to a master or a 
boss).  Obviously, though, {jabwI'} is not going to work either; your 
sentence makes me think that he needs a better butler, but

jabwI' nIv DaSuqnISlaw'.

makes me think he needs a better waiter.

Ah, if only Klingon intercomputer relations were more similar to late 
twentieth and early twenty-first century Terran equivalents.

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