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Re: Imperial Klingon Vessel

> >In the tlhIngan Hubbeq is there a separate branch for the navy and the
> >marines?  If so, what are they?
> ...
> That being said, Glen Proechel once came up with *{bIQbeq} for "marine", on 
> the model of {Hubbeq} "Defense Force".  I can also think of *{yavbeq} 
> "ground crew", *{yavmangghom} "ground army", *{yavmang} "ground soldier", 
> etc., off the top of my head if you really, really want one.  Keep in mind, 
> however, few will automatically translate these as "marine" unless you
> explain them.

On my website I use /chal mangghom/ and /yav mangghom/ to explain that I served 
in both the Air Force and the Army.  But instead of making up new compound 
nouns, I used the noun-noun construction.  But note that I am not describing a 
klingon personna.  I am describing real life.  We don't know if Paramount 
klingons specify such.

> >        Arizona
> >
> >I guess I should also ask for the translation for Arizona, 

What is the english for "pizza", "taco", "sushi"?

> >what is the closest the the Z sound (as in zantai-)
> ...Personally, I'd just leave it as *zantai* which 
> warns the alert reader that this is a non-tlhIngan Hol word which should
> not be looked up in the dictionary.

There are two types of klingons:  Those from the Paramount's TV show, and those 
from John Ford.

I have never heard about marines, navy, zantai, etc on the show.  This is all 
from other sources that caught on with most of the fans out there.  They are 
two different worlds.


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