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Re: 'e' vIneH

>I have only one thing to add to the responses to this question.  When I say
>something like, "Honolulu is the capitol of Hawaii...........  I think," 
>using essentially the same construction that is being questioned in 
>"I think" is a complete sentence, but it's such a non sequitur as such, and
>so common as something referring back to the previous thought, that no one
>has any problem understanding it.
>Maybe to someone just learning English, it would sound weird.  This use of 
>think" is an exception to English grammar too, breaking normal word order.
>Yet, to native speakers, it sounds completely natural.

Exactly.  That was my problem.  It sounded weird to me because I have never 
heard Klingon spoken by another person.  I have no tapes, no nothing, just 
little old me saying words out loud to myself.  But after saying it out loud 
to myself over and over again, I hit an intonation where everything just 
clicked - something I may have figured out sooner had I any experience 
hearing Klingon.

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