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Re: 'e' vIneH

>>But /DIS veb "Europe" vIleng vIneH/ IS the correct advice.  Let me
>>it to represent your situation.
>>DIS veb "Europe" vIleng . . . . . . . . vIneH!
>>Works just fine to me!  Consider a similar example in English:
>>I'm traveling to Europe next year . . . . . . . . . I hope!
>The Klingon still sounds awkward to my ear with that pause in there; it
>still feels like that last bit should be rendered 'I hope it' in English.
>But I will bow to your more experienced ear.  (At least until I have some
>experience speaking Klingon with others - currently my spoken Klingon is
>limited to saying things out loud as I read/write them.)

Had an epiphany last night after I wrote this:  I had a little trouble 
getting to sleep, so I kept saying this over and over - and I found that 
with the right intonation, the {vIneH} no longer sounded like a new and 
separate thought, but rather a continuation.  I realized that that 
intonation was probably what you were trying to get across with that 
unorthodox punctuation.  Maybe I was too tired to get it last night (it was 
rather late here).

It's probably a good thing I'm single - repeating the same thing over and 
over again, varying only the intonation and emphasis (in Klingon, too, which 
would probably have sounded like nonsense) would likely have annoyed a 
bedmate no end.

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