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to' nech 71-80

K: ngoQ yIDoH.
Gloss: Back away from the goal.
Eno/Schmidt: Abandon desire

K: tIlIq!
Gloss: Round them up!
Eno/Schmidt: Assemble some of the elements in a group and treat the group

K: QIt potlh'a' bolIjlI'.
Gloss: You are slowly forgetting the important thing.
Eno/Schmidt: The most easily forgotten thing is the most important

K: tIvI'taH.
Gloss: Keep accumulating them.
Eno/Schmidt: Adding on

K: tuHmoHbogh Qaghmey tInuD, ghIq tI'argh!
Gloss: Examine the most shameful errors, and worsen them.
Eno/Schmidt: Look closely at the most embarrassing details and amplify them

K: QumwI' yIqel.
Gloss: Consider the communicator.
Eno/Schmidt: Think of the radio

K: nuq ghaj Hoch?
Gloss: What does everyone/everything have?
Eno/Schmidt: Lowest common denominator

K: po'be'law'chugh, tIlo'!
Gloss: If they are apparently unqualified, use them!
Eno/Schmidt: Use `unqualified' people

K: Saq gheghDaq, He Daleghbe'.
Gloss: In rough land, you see no routes.
Eno/Schmidt: Lost in useless territory

K: 'IwlIj qes yI'Ij.
Gloss: Listen to your blood's advice.
Eno/Schmidt: Ask your body

Sean M. Burke

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