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RE: KLBC: Esperanto vIghojtaH.

> naDev Esperanto jatlh 'Iv?

You can only speak Esperanto here if you discuss klingon  :)
"Who speaks Esperanto here?"
But don't worry, english has the same problem.  In the context it's
understood what you really mean.
Perhaps maybe even add -laH, /...jatlhlaH.../ "who is able to speak..."

> 'oH vIghojtaH.


> Esperanto ngeD law' tlhIngan Hol ngeD puS.


> Esperanto jabbI'ID ghom vItu' vIneH.


> nuqDaq 'oH vItu' 'e' Sov vay''a'?

Uh-oh.  A QAO (Question As Object).  /nuqDaq 'oH vItu'/ is a question.  Does
'e' refer to the previous sentence or does it refer to the answer to the
previous sentence.  This debate has been going on for years; blood has been
spilled, and kingdoms destroyed.

The second half is a question also, but you put the -'a' on the noun instead
of the verb.  /Sov'a' vay'?/ "Does someone know?"

An alternative, /Quv Sov'a' vay'?/ "Does someone know the coordinates?"
/Quv ngu'laH'a' vay'?/ "Can someone identify the coordinates?"

Or we can take a more direct, more klingon approach,
Quv yIngu'  "Identify the coordinates."
Quv HIja'   "Tell me the coordinates."

DloraH, BG

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