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Re: "be'be'" double negation

ghItlh Sengval:

:For "chat"/"chatte", the genders of the words are
:predictable by logic _and_ by the sounds of the words,
:which is generally not true in French.  I wonder if
:there are many languages where the word classes always
:behave this way. Perhaps Swahili?  Does anyone know?

Poland Hol yIqel. <masculine> <feminine> <neuter> ghap 'oH Hoch Holvam 

masculine: "las"  (ngem)
feminine:  "woda" (bIQ)
neuter:    "pole" (yotlh)

Depmey nuvpu' je 'oSchugh DIp, 'ay'Hom "-ka"mo'  motlh ngeD DIp "gender" 
loymeH Qu'.


kot        (loD vIghro')      kotka         (be' vIghro')
pisarz     (loD qonwI')       pisarka       (be' qonwI')
barman     (loD chom)         barmanka      (be' chom)
kucharz    (loD vutwI')       kucharka      (be' vutwI')
opiekun    (loD QorghwI')     opiekunka     (be' QorghwI')
nauczyciel (loD ghojmoHwI')   nauczycielka  (be' ghojmoHwI')


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