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KLBC: jIrop

vaghHu' jIvemDI' 'oy'qu' tIqwIj.  nom Qel vIghoS.  vInuDchu'lu'.  tIqwIj 
toblu'.  "pericarditis"mo' jIbechtaH 'e' tu' Qel; rIQ tIqwIj DIrqoq.  Do' 
qabqu'be' Segh vIghajbogh.  qaStaHvIS wa' jaj neH ropyaHDaq jIH.  'ach 
Herghmey HoSghaj vISopnIS.  loQ jIvumlaH, 'ach Herghmo' jIDoy'qu'.  jIyepnIS. 
 wa'Hu' jIyepHa'taHvIS, tlhoS jIQongtaH, 'ej tlhoS muqIp Duj.

jatlh Qel, <<qaSpu'DI' wa' jar, bIpIvqa'.>>  lugh 'e' vItul.

Five days ago, I woke up with severe chest pain.  I quickly went to see the 
doctor.  I was examined thoroughly.  My heart was tested.  The doctor found 
that I was suffering from pericarditis; the "skin" of my heart is injured 
[inflamed, really, but I couldn't think of how to express that].  
Fortunately, the type I have is not too bad.  I was at the hospital for only 
one day.  But I have to take powerful medications.  I can work a little [a 
reduced schedule], but the medication makes me very tired.  I have to be 
careful.  Yesterday, while being careless, I was half-asleep, and I was 
almost run over by a car.

The doctor says I'll be healthy again in a month.  I hope he's right.


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