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Re: to' nech, 034: {'Iw yISo'}

At 05:20 2002-04-16 +0000, marien danzig wrote:
>From: "Sean M. Burke" <>:
>>K: 'Iw yISo'.
>>Gloss: Conceal the blood.
>>Eno/Schmidt: Do the washing up
>I don't know what it is, but these don't say quite the same thing to 
>me.  At the very least, the gloss doesn't suit the narrower context of the 
>OS reference; I wouldn't use "Do the washing up" as an aphorism when i 
>wanted to convey "Conceal the blood" (and vice versa), and I'm sure I'm 
>not alone.

Well, I'm inferring things about the experiential role of these each of 
these talks, in each culture.  While I think of food as clearly very 
important to Klingons, I don't think they'd consider doing the dishes too 
relaxing or interesting.  No standing in front of the kitchen sink with 
your hands in warm soapy water, listening to the radio -- I picture 
Klingons doing the dishes by taking all the gristle- and qagh-encrusted 
plates, throwing them into a wire rack (and I mean /throwing/), putting 
that into a sandblaster machine, and then blasting them it with fire and/or 
radiation.  It's fast work, and for slaves.

Conversely, imagine the experience of having to clean up a place after a 
good vicious fight.  Blood and viscera all over the no' DIrmey and the 
tables and benches and everything!  You can try to scrub it out, but a 
warrior does not use stain-remover!  So just try to cover some of it up or 
something.  Of course, you will never succeed at really hiding all the 
blood, but to not try to conceal some of it would be /ostentatious/.

Sean M. Burke

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