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Re: Waiting For Sublight Speed (was Re: to' nech)

> From: "Steven Boozer" <>
> > Okrand invented the word {ghargh} "serpent, worm" which was used in
> > ST3.  The unnamed Klingon sergeant reports back to Kruge upon discovering
> > Spock's otherwise empty coffin/torpedo tube crawling with large worm-like
> > things on the Genesis Planet in an untranslated line:
> >
> >    <yajchu'.  ghargh...veQ!> (?)
> >    [Understood clearly.  Worms...garbage!]
> I always thought he said /yajchu' qaH/ "Perfectly understood, sir," which
> was just a line lifted from elsewhere in the movie, in a somewhat lazy
> manner (or was the actor improvising with a line he'd learned from another
> scene?).  Either way, it makes little sense in the scene.

I also thought it was {yajchu' qaH}, but as I remember it, this was one of 
those lines with no subtitle, which suggests that it may not have been so 
successfully expressed by the actor as to deserve a subtitle. At least it was 
stated more clearly than the "wawa wawa wawawa" line the general said while 
spreading the map on the table in ST5...

> > BTW this was the same word Okrand used to translate "Regulan bloodworm"
> > {reghuluS 'Iwghargh} from TOS "The Trouble With Tribbles".
> This makes me think that I'm right about /yajchu' qaH/: Okrand had a totally
> independent reason to come up with a word for "worm"; he did translate
> numerous terms from the Star Trek TV show.
> SuStel
> Stardate 2288.1

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