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Re: the whys and whenfors of translation

> When I hear the phrase "worlds apart", 

A few people have offered their oppinions, which are all valid.  "I'M" not 
trying to translate the phrase "worlds apart".  The original post, from someone 
else, was a translation of an apparently pre-existing story with the 
title "Worlds Apart" which they translated as /chevbogh qo'mey/, which I in 
turn back-translate as "Worlds which separate".  So far none of the oppinions 
that I've seen match this idea.  I was curious how he came up with it.

But now I'm wondering, does chev mean "separate" as in transitive "divide"; or 
is it "separate" as in intransitive "unconnected, individual, independant"?

If its the second, intransitive, "unconnected" meaning, then the title does 
make sense.


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