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Re: "be'be'" - double negation

At 11:26 2002-04-13 -0400, David Trimboli wrote:
>Nowhere does Klingon have any sort of required agreements in the language.
>There's no gender, for instance.

But person- and number-agreement is obligatory between verbs and their 
overt subject NPs and object NPs.  {jIyIt jiH}, never *{bIyIt jIH} nor 
*{mayIt jIH}, right?
The only complication is that nouns don't have to obligatorily /mark/ 
plurality -- or I guess you could say that every noun that can take a 
plural ending {mey}/{pu'}/{Du'} can also take a plural ending {0} instead.

>But it DOES prove that negation-agreement is NOT required.
Yes, that was my point in that section, that negative concord is at least 
nonobligatory, if it exists at all in Klingon.

Sean M. Burke

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