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Re: to'nech 006, 007, 008, 009


>chaq jupna'DajvaD jatlhtaHvIS neH vay', mu'mey <chaj> <maqoch> je >lo'laH.
>I've just realized that perhaps "chaj" and "maqoch" can only be used as 
>forms of address.

tlhob Sengval:

>qatlh qechvetlh DaHar?

wa'Hu' 'ay' "Direct address" vIlaDqa'.
ngoDHeyvam maqlaw' 'ay'vam (pp. 202-203).

Describing "maqoch" and "chaj", KGT (pp. 202-203)
focuses solely on who would address whom while using
these two words. Nothing is said about whether they
can also be used when talking *about* our or somebody
else's friends.

So: chaq muj qechwIj. chaq mujbe'.


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