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Re: ghorghvaD 'oH?

From: "Sean M. Burke" <>
> At 11:49 2002-04-08 +0000, Agnieszka Solska wrote:
> >>K: ghorghvaD 'oH?
> >>Gloss: When is it for?
> >>Eno/Schmidt: When is it for?
> ><ghorgh> is not a noun and cannot take noun suffixes.
> Some things besides prototypical nouns can act like nouns.  Consider
> {nuqDaq}.  {nuq} isn't a prototypical noun, but it takes a noun suffix
> {Daq} just fine.

/nuqDaq/ is a lexicalized word -- it's in the dictionary.  It is probably a
distinct word, not /nuq/ + /Daq/, though that's likely its original
derivation.  /ghorghvaD/ is not in the dictionary, and the known rules would
suggest that it's not allowed.

I go along with the belief that question words don't take noun suffixes.
They're not nouns, even if some of them occasionally stand in for nouns.  I
think such constructions would be UNDERSTOOD, in a wink-wink-nudge-nudge
sort of way.

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