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Re: to'nech 006, 007, 008, 009

to' nech 006:

>K: paghna' yIchoHqu', 'ej yIrapchu'taH.
>Gloss: Change nothing, and stay exactly the same.
>Eno/Schmidt: Change nothing and continue consistently

Do you really need that {-na'} on "pagh"?
Also, I seem to remember a HolQeD interview with MO where {rap}
is said to require a plural subject.

to' nech 007:

>K: bItu'chu'taHvIS, Hurgh naQDaq, pa' tInqu'Daq je tItu'!
>Gloss: With your utmost silence, observe him/her/it in a dark room       
>and/or in total darkness.
>Eno/Schmidt: Listen in total darkness, or in a very large room, very 

Perhaps <bej> "watch" will be better than <tu'>, which seems to mean 
"observe" in the sense of "discover, find, notice". I'm not quite sure you 
need to use {naQ} here. How about:

bItamchu'taHvIS, pa' tInqu'Daq  pa' HurghDaq joq yIbej.
bItamchu'taHvIS, tInchu'bogh qoj Hurghbogh pa'Daq yIbej.

to' nech 008:

>K: chay' wIv jupna'lI'?
>Gloss: What would a close friend of yours choose?
>Eno/Schmidt: What would your closest friend do?

chay' vang jupna'lI'?
How would your true friend act?

You might also consider <chaj> or <maqoch> but then you'd make the sentence 

to' nech 009:

>K: potlh'e' tI'ang.
>Gloss: Reveal the most important things.
>Eno/Schmidt: Magnify the most difficult details.

How about using {-'a'} instead of {-'e'}?
Also, the most difficult details need not be the most important aspect of 
whatever is being talked about.


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