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Re: Subject: poH (was: RE: vay' loSbogh ghaH. Suq)

I really think the better word for "deja vu" is {wanI'}. It is not that you 
experience a period of time again. It is that you feel that you have already 
experienced the event you are currently engaged in. wanI'vam vIleghqa'law'.

Just a thought.


> > I'm not sure though if "deja vu" can be taken to refer "to discrete time
> > periods of various lengths or kinds".
> When one experiences deja vu, the feeling tends to last for about a minute; 
> feels like they are re-experiencing that moment of time, that "period of 
> is -identical- to a "period of time" they believe they have already 
> experienced.  One doesn't experience deja vu thinking that all of time is 
> identical... What would it be identical to since you're including the entire 
> dimension of time?  Another dimension?  But if the two dimensions 
> were /identical/ would they be two separate dimensions?  How could one 
> experience two /entire/ dimensions?  They can experience multiple segments, 
> periods... of time.
> DloraH, BG

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