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to' nech, 006: {paghna' yIchoHqu', 'ej yIrapchu'taH}

K: paghna' yIchoHqu', 'ej yIrapchu'taH.

Gloss: Change nothing, and stay exactly the same.

Eno/Schmidt: Change nothing and continue consistently

[The first line is the restored Klingon, the second my English gloss of the 
Klingon, and the third line is the Eno/Schmidt "Oblique Strategies" version.]

My main question here is whether Klingon is a single-negation language like 
English, or a negative-concord language like Romance.
Namely, does "Change nothing!" or "Kill no-one!" allow/require having a 
negative affix on the verb, as in {paghna' yIchoHQo'}, or does it forbid 
it, as in {paghna' yIchoHqu'}?

Sean M. Burke

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