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Re: Subject: poH (was: RE: vay' loSbogh ghaH. Suq)

> I'm not sure though if "deja vu" can be taken to refer "to discrete time
> periods of various lengths or kinds".

When one experiences deja vu, the feeling tends to last for about a minute; One 
feels like they are re-experiencing that moment of time, that "period of time" 
is -identical- to a "period of time" they believe they have already 
experienced.  One doesn't experience deja vu thinking that all of time is 
identical... What would it be identical to since you're including the entire 
dimension of time?  Another dimension?  But if the two dimensions 
were /identical/ would they be two separate dimensions?  How could one 
experience two /entire/ dimensions?  They can experience multiple segments, 
periods... of time.

DloraH, BG

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