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To' Nech

For some time now, I have been bothered by the unavailability of the 
classic /Oblique Strategies/ (To' Nech, /Lateral Tactics/) in the original 
Klingon.  So I've put together a draft of a restored verison of it.  For 
the moment, I've got it at this URL:'nech_draft002.xml.txt

I'd like to get feedback on it from the tlhIngan-Hol list, but it's a bit 
larger than I'd want to send right to the list -- it'd be about 16K without 
the markup, which is a bit much for a single message.  Or I could post it 
in, say, four chunks, over the course of eight days.  Or people could just 
look at it at that URL and tell me what they think.

Sean M. Burke

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