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End of September - KLI Update


What a month. What a week. The revisions and additions to HAMLET are
complete. It is fantastic. If you liked the original edition then you'll
really love this updated version. Contracts, a camera-ready manuscript, and
a packet of computer diskettes is sitting on my front porch right now
awaiting the imminent arrival of AirborneExpress to whisk all of it off to
John Ordover at Pocket Books. Yay!

The September issue of HolQeD, is also en route to my porch. I'll spend the
night stuffing envelopes so the issue will be mailed out at 9:00am when the
post office opens. I've always prided myself on getting the issues out on
time, and I hope you will all cut me some slack about running a day late
since I've busy working on the final edits of HAMLET. Or, maybe you'll
believe me if I say that I thought September had 31 days?

I've just spent a couple hours on the phone with the IRS, trying to work
out some painful paperwork snafu that has caused us to be erroneously
labeled as a Private Foundation instead of a Public Charity. The difference
in mind-numbing, and involves an exponential leap in intricate tax forms.
Ugh. All should be fine once they get this next batch of documents. I'll
send them in the morning with the domestic issues of HolQeD.

I have to go to the post office as soon as it opens because from there I
drive straight to the airport to catch my flight to the midwest. I'll be in
Indiana all weekend, speaking at the Maquis Gras convention. If you're in
the area, drop me and say "hi," I'd love to see you.

So, that's how my month is ending. I'm exhausted, but gratified that some
important work has been completed. I've even found a new site for the
qep'a' next summer (more on that later).

My sincere thanks to Nick Nicholas for his tremendous work on HAMLET,
d'Armond Speers and Alan Anderson for their steadfast contributions to
HolQeD, and Captain Krankor for making me smile.



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