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Re: KLBC / only if you're over 21

> Hmm, bIHopqu'mo' ghaytanHa' qaSuchlaH.  Do'Ha'.
> --Holtej 'utlh

ghay'cha'. *Alaska-Daq tlhIngan Hol ghojqanglu'law'taH pagh.

<-lu> vIlo'taHvIS jIlugh'a'?

[I'm confused. I wanted to say "when I used" but isn't -taH a
current/continuous sort of thing? Oh! what about <vIlo'ta'DI>? I'm trying
to say "when I USED it", implying my deliberate use that last time", not
"when I use it", implying all the times I use it.]

and that <'lu> with the reversed prefix-thing. Is "nobody" really
indefinite? "Somebody" certainly is since the possibilites of the subject
are countless, but even thought "nobody" SOUNDS indefinite, it really is
quite specific.
Quvatlh! what a simple seeming concept! But grokking the verb suffixs just
baffles me sometimes! All this before my first [qavIn yuch je] of the day!


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