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Re: Aspect (was RE: KLBC-Fr.)

jatlh ghunchu'wI':
> << I don't know what "imperfective" is in the context of the Klingon language
> .
>  I would merely say that an action that is not completed is not perfective.
>  Bringing in an extra-TKD term seems likely to cause more confusion than it
>  can clear up. >>
> =================

jang peHruS; jatlh:
> Aspect has two states:  perfective and imperfective.  These two states stand 
> in opposition.  
this may be a useful way of looking at aspect for languages like Russian
and Mandarin, but for Klingon, it is more useful to lokk at it in a 
three-way manner (what a surprise :), as described in TKD:

a verb may show whether an action is viewed as "completed", as
"continuous", or neither.

> qechvam qellaw' TKD 'ach 'angchu'be'. 
tlhIngan Hol qelmeH, potlhbe'law' qechvam.
vaj, 'angnISbe'lu'.

>  ngaSbe'mo' TKD, qechvam Dalajbe'mo', HItIchqa'Qo'! 
Dung ghItlhDaq, nItIchbogh mu' yI'ang!

> jIHvaD aspect DaghojmoH 'e' yInIDQo'!  
tlhIngan Hol *aspect* Daghojqangbe''a'? wejpuH!
qatlh maja'chuq jay'?

> 'ej qul yIbaHtaHQo'!  
Dung ghItlhDaq, SoHvaD qul baHbe' ghunchu'wI'.
qatlh bIbep?

> bIghoH 'e' DatIv 'ach vItIvbe'.
bIghoHqangbe'chugh, bIghojlaHbe'.

                                           Marc Ruehlaender
                                           aka HomDoq

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