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Re: KLBC/qewlis

jatlh qultoQ:
> for some reason, that just reminded me of an incident in a beatles
>  chatroom where somebody came in and started talking down the beatles...
>  the immediate response was along the lines of "if you want to go
>  somewhere where someone cares what youre saying and it will not offend
>  anyone, press alt-f4..."
"AOL chat"Daq, pIj <<"Beatles" Daparchugh, "alt-s-s" yI'uy>> jatlhlu'. 
"AOL"Daq "alt-s-s" Da'uychugh, bIrarHa''eghmoH.

jatlh je qultoQ:
>  that doesn' really match this, but i'm very curious as to why someone
>  with such heated opinions of tlhIngan Hol would join a tlhIngan Hol list
>  in the first place...
SIbI' "unsubscribe"ta' *qewlIS 'e' vIloy. not chegh ghaH 'e' vItul.

- DujHoD

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