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Re: American cars (klbc)

> A couple of problems here. To start with, <nguvmoH> would be better than
> <DIj> for this kind of painting.

a question, a few questions actually...
 <nguv> is a verb meaning "to be stained, tinted, dyed" (TKD) [does this mean
the state of being that color?]
<nguvmoH> is listed as a noun (KGT) meaning "dye, tint or stain".qar'a?
This is confusing to me. Shouldn't <nguvmoH> be a verb meaning "to paint", etc,
as in to cause it to be painted? it seems logical that <nguvwI'>or <nguvmoHwI'>
would be the stuff in the can or the guy with the brush in his hand.
Is there a way to express "color"?
     *color  ghajbe'  loD DIrDaj. Heghlaw'pu'. How would you say this?

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