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Re: : Imperative prefixes

>{Ha'} certainly qualifies as a "first-person imperative" in my book.
>I also think {DaH} can help to give an imperative flavor to a phrase
>like {maHIv}, either in its normal position at the front of the sentence,
>or as a separate adverbial utterance.
>{maHIv -- DaH!} sounds to me like it's intended as a command addressed
>to the first-person plural. :)

ja' peHruS:
>yIyep, ghunchu'wI'.  wot moHaq *tableDaq mu' {Ha'} DaSamlaHbe' 'e' vIHar.

moHaq 'oH jIja''a'?  mu' naQ vIqelbej 'ej mu' naQ vIghItlhba'.

>vay'vaD ra'meH mu' 'oHbe'.

ra'be''a' "Come on! Let's go!"?  ra'bej jatlhwI' 'e' vIQub jIH, vIQoyDI'.

>*imperative 'oHbe' 'ach *hortatory exclamation chuv 'oHba'.

My understanding of the word "hortatory" leads me to consider it a
request for action, an attempt to cause someone to do something.  Is
that not an imperative?  My belief that {Ha'} is an imperative endures.

>mu'tlhegh 'ay'vaD *flavor chellaH, jIQochbe'.

vaj chenmeH "imperative" qech 'utbe' moHaq le' 'e' DaHar je SoH, qar'a'?

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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