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Re: S'Qal / KLBC

In a message dated 8/18/1999 7:00:02 AM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< <qa'vIn> suddenly QoghIjwIj went "Clunk!" and FINALLY I
 *got* <veychorgh>  DUHhhhh....  But where does the <vey> come from? Is it 
 a phonetic spelling of the letter-sound?  >>
peqIm!  MO qID Dapojchu'pu'.  'ach ghItlhmeH pab qab Daghoj.  peyep.  mu' 
{veychorgh} ghItlhmeH pab 'oH {vIychorgh}'e'.  peqIm!  vIychorgh, vIychorgh, 
vIychorgh.  DaH boghojDI' pab lugh bolo', qar'a'?


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