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Re: qepHom - any KLI members in the UK?

Greetings and salutations!

> On Sun, Aug 15, 1999 at 09:49:01AM -0500, Alan Anderson wrote:

>> Perhaps you could contact him and help him set up another one this year.
>> Failing that, there's no reason *you* can't host one yourself.  Remember,
>> the purpose of a qepHom is to bring interested people together.  The host
>> isn't necessarily expected to do any teaching.

What exactly is one supposed to *do* while hosting a qepHom? I mean if I
don't have to do any teaching, how exacly are people going to get anything
out of it?

(Right now I (with great help from a friend) am hosting a qepHom each
Thursday here in Uppsala, Sweden.) So far we have been creating our own
lessons to be able to teach the easiest and the most relevant parts of the
vocabulary and language (for us).

But when it comes to exercises I lack good ideas. I would like to have
varied tasks to give "my" students to help them learn the language. (Is
there for example anyone out there who have one or a few very simple
beginner's texts that we can use?)

Is there anybody who are also trying to teach the language on a regular
basis, or have any ideas or good methods to do so?

I would greatly appreciate all ideas.

/Kindly Zrajm C

  Zrajm C Akfohg  Tel:018-500911  Beep:0740-145753
  Uppsala, Sweden       ICQ:16769663    Open:0:00-24:00

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