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Re: Jokes, was Re: nID cha' attn:KLBG

Alan Anderson wrote:
> ja' charghwI':
> >Still, there have been many wonderful jokes in Klingon.
> ja' DraQoS:
> >Grin, I don't doubt it. And I would love to hear more of
> >them.
> vaj qep'a' yIghoS!  I suspect that there are more Klingon jokes
> and cross-linguistic puns in five days of qep'a' each year than
> in the rest of the calendar combined.
> -- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

Well the next one isn't for some months, isn't it? What is
the point of instant satisfaction if you have to wait for

cha' Duj buv bIH, bIQ 'aqroS Dujmey, 'ray je.
nuq vIvum'a', Daloy.

Ben (DraQoS)

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