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HolQeD Dec '92

Got home yesterday. Met Mike Tryke at Feast of Qot Bavol (Las Vegas).
Had a blast at Farpoint Convention (Baltimore)
some of the high spots of the trip were:
slamming all-black M&Ms with Dr. S and Qanqor,
yakking into the wee hours at IHOP and singing part III of his song with Qanqor,
(& watching him "hold court" at the keyboard of a piano!)
having Marc Okrand read the English translations to the tlhIngan Hol of my silly
poem at the feast,
tearing up Baltimore with Qoretlh (thanks for the hospitality, transportation and
breaking out the glass so I could climb in the window)
Thanks also to DloraH for all the e-mail finagling and also for the 2 out of print
HolQeD issues I wasn't able to buy from the KLI.
        And now, the reason for this post; a question:

on page 17 of HolQeD Vol 1, Number 4 ; the Great Palindrome Contest
the text mentions that the pIqaD is written from the center outward.
Is there any other canon source describing this? Any descriptions or examples to
study? Is this opinion, hypothesis or accepted by the KLI as the only correct usage
concerning pIqaD glyph substitution for romanized tlhIngan Hol?

Satlho' for any insights to my query.            Ms. Pillow / pIl'o' tai-GowRon

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