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Re: Mu'mey chu'

>From: "d'Armond Speers" <>
>Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 17:08:25 -0600
>> Likewise, grammatically, the sentence {pIHoHqu'vIpbe'} means "We are not
>> afraid to KILL you."  
>Of course, this is culturally taboo.  :)

I know it says we don't use -vIp with first-person, but this IS a canon
example, and I don't think it is taboo, since after all, it's *negated*.
The reason -vIp and first-person-subject is a no-no is because you're not
supposed to admit you're afraid.  But here, we *AREN'T* admitting we're
afraid!  In fact, we're denying it.  Okrand specifically says that this
word and the others like it in that section *would be used* by Klingons to
convey their various shades of meaning.  Why would he use a "taboo" word to
make this point (he COULD have used one in second or third person)?


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