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Re: Qunpu' HoH qortar

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Sent: Saturday, October 09, 1999 11:24 PM
Subject: Re: Qunpu' HoH qortar

> >HeghchoHpu' <be'elana>.
> >HeghlI'.
> ghu'vam boQatlhmoHtaHbej.  qortar DujDaq "qa'pu'" tu'lu'.  qa'pu' chaH
> qortar raQpo'pu'.

I wasn't speaking about the story, I was speaking about your choice of verb
suffixes.  You said {HeghchoHlI'}, which means "Be'Elanna is in the process
of beginning to die," or "Be'Elanna is beginning the process of dying."  I
was pointing out that Be'Elanna had already begun the process of dying, and
was in the process of dying.  I didn't agree with the {-choHlI'}.

By the way, that should be {boQatlhmoHbejtaH} and {raQpo'pu''e'}.  :)

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