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Re: Closed Captions?

ja' ngghoy:
>What's closed captioning? Is that like subtitles?

jIH bIS'ubDaq ghItlhlu'bogh mu'mey rurbej.
le' <Soq> per.  Soqmo' mu'mey leghbe' HochHom.
leghlu'meH jan lo'nISlu'.  poSchugh vaj legh Hoch.

It *is* subtitles, but the "closed" part of the name means that it's
only visible if you have the appropriate decoding equipment.  That's
in contrast to "open" captions, which are part of the actual picture

>Hey, isn't that what Okrand does for a living??

HIja'.  Though I don't think he actually types captions himself.

-- ghunchu'wI' 'utlh

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